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BALL 1.4.1 released

The first bugfix release of BALL 1.4 has been released November 28th 2011.

Here is non exhaustive list of changes:

  • Buildsystem:
    • Improved Windows installer generation
    • Fix compilation for GCC 4.6
  • Core:
    • Parse and store PDB comments in a PDBInfo object
    • Added a peptide cap processor
    • Fixes for 64bit systems (mainly Windows related)
    • Updated PDB and DCD parser
    • Fixed MOL2Files with unknown Sybyl atom-types
    • Allow arbitrary whitespace delimiters in option files
    • Fixed segmentation fault in HashGrid3
    • Bugfix for SecondaryStructureProcessor
    • Better handling of UNC paths under Windows
    • HETATMs read from PDB are now flagged as such
    • Fix for SMBM bonds in MMFF94
  • View:
    • Editor for PDBInfo objects
    • Add a widget for editing named properties
    • German translation improvements
    • Improved Python interpreter widget
    • Fixes for reading electron densities
    • Updated PubChem downloader (work in progress)

For a list of fixed bugs refer to:

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