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The BALL Support Pages

This page lists the main support resources for BALL.

  • Trac The place to look for ball support in general is our Trac-site. Most of the links on this page point somewhere into our trac.
  • FAQ -- Frequently asked questions: Please read these carefully before or reporting a bug.
  • Bug Tracker -- Got a bug? Report it! (For spam protection reasons you need a valid account for the bugtracker, you can create one here )
  • Mailing Lists -- Join the discussion!
  • C++ code examples -- Examples for C++ usage of BALL
  • Python Scripts -- Examples for Pyhon usage with BALL and BALLView
  • CADDSuite Tutorial -- Explanation of the computer-aided drug design tools offered by BALL
  • Testing -- Test results of the different versions and recent snapshots for a number of platforms.
  • git repository -- Browse through the git repository and make diffs between arbitrary versions.

If you want to contact the authors for any other reason, please use the mail address

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