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This gallery features movies created with the current version of BALLView, our molecular viewer and modelling tool.

Click on a thumbnail to see the movie.
(Note: Some firewalls like ZoneAlarm Pro block loading of the thumbnails.)

All movies are encoded with the DivX codec, which can be downloaded here. An other alternative is the XviD codec. We used the free software mencoder and VirtualDub to create the movies.

The 50S subunit of a bacterial ribosome visualized in a movie.
A movie created with a Python Script in BALLView, showing the Zinc Finger DNA complex 1A1F.
A movie created with BALLView and POVRay from a molecular dynamics simulation trajectory.
Visualisation of the electrostatic potential of a small peptide as movie.
Visualisation of the electrostatic potential of the HIV protease bound to a potential inhibitor (PDB 1FB7).
Example video for the Python interface, showing a minimizer test. It also presents the following features:
  • Key mappings
  • Completion
  • Context sensitive help
    Example video for editing mode:
    • Structure generation from SMILES
    • Saturating with hydrogens
    • Assignment of bond orders
    • Quick optimization with MMFF94 force field


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